Which Parrot Makes The Least Noise (with Decibel Level Chart)

Parrots are known for their loud calls, but which parrot makes the least noise?
Parrots are intelligent birds who communicate using sounds.
They are also very social animals, forming strong bonds with humans.
This question was inspired by a recent study conducted by researchers at Cornell University.
In the study, they tested the ability of four species of parrots to imitate human speech.
The results explained that the budgerigar was able to mimic the highest number of words, followed by the cockatiel, the macaw, and finally the African grey parakeet

How Many Decibels Is A Parrot?

The decibel level chart below explains how many decibels each parrot emits. A decibel is a unit used to measure noise levels. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, where zero is no noise and 100 is the maximum noise possible. Decibels are measured in terms of pressure waves per second. For example, a sound wave of 60 decibels produces six times the pressure of one of 30 decibels. To calculate the decibel level of a particular sound, multiply its intensity by 10.

Parrot Decibel Chart

The decibel level chart above explains the decibel level of various sounds. You can use this information to determine if your parrot is safe or unsafe when exposed to different noises. As an example, a parrot who has a decibel level of 50 would be safe from exposure to a jet engine, while a parrot with a decibel level of 70 would be safe from exposure from a lawn mower.

Quietest Parrots

Parrots are quiet creatures. Most parrots do not make much noise. Some parrots, such as macaws, love to sing and chatter. But most parrots prefer silence. In fact, many parrots will actually try to hide from other animals when they hear them coming. It’s important to keep your parrots happy and healthy.

Loudest Parrots

The loudest parrots are the ones who are kept in cages all day long. These parrots are usually noisy because they don’t have enough space to move around. They are also stressed out because they are confined to a small area. When these parrots are moved to a larger enclosure, they will eventually stop making noises.

What’s The Quietest Parrot?

The quietest parrot is the one that has been given plenty of room to roam around. It doesn’t matter if this bird is a budgie, macaw, cockatoo, or any other type of parrot. All parrots need to exercise their wings and legs, and make sure that they have enough room to do so. Parrots that are kept in small cages all day long will never learn how to fly properly. They will never develop strong muscles, and will never be able to jump high enough to escape from predators.

What Are the Least Noisy Parrots?

Least noisy parrots are those who have been given lots of space to move around. These birds don’t mind being close to people, and they won’t bother anyone unless they feel threatened. In general, these are the best types of parrots to keep as pets.

Brown-Headed Parrot

The Brown-headed Parrot Pionus fuscus is one of the smallest parrots on the planet. It is native to South America, and has a wingspan of about 30 cm. It is a social bird, and lives in pairs or family groups. It is an omnivore, eating fruits, nectar, insects, eggs, and small vertebrates. Its diet consists mainly of fruits, berries, and other plant matter. It is a highly intelligent bird, and can learn to use tools.


Budgies are also known as budgerigars. These birds are popular pets because of their friendly nature and ability to adapt to different environments. They are usually kept in pairs, although sometimes they are housed in larger groups. They are omnivorous, feeding on seeds, insects, and fruits. Their diet includes many types of foods, including grains, cereals, vegetables, meats, and fish. They are active during the day, and sleep at night.


Cockatiels are one of the smallest parrots. They weigh between 2 and 5 pounds, and can grow up to 12 inches tall. They are native to Australia, where they were first domesticated. They are extremely intelligent, social, and affectionate. They love attention, and enjoy being groomed and played with. They are great talkers, and make excellent companions.


Conures are medium sized parrots. They are native from Central America, and are found throughout tropical regions of South America. They are highly active, energetic, and playful. They are very friendly, and enjoy human interaction. They are very vocal, making sounds similar to those of macaws. They are known for their beautiful plumage, and colorful feathers.

Half-Moon Conure

The half moon conure is one of the smallest parrots. It has a wingspan of about 20 inches 50 cm. Its body length ranges between 11 and 13 inches 28–33 cm, while its tail length is 6 to 7 inches 15–18 cm. The half-moon conure is a very social bird. It likes to interact with people, and enjoys being held and petted. It is an excellent talker, and loves to sing.

Green-Cheeked Conure

The green cheeked conure is a medium sized parrot with a wingspan of about 22 inches 60 cm. Its body size ranges from 12 to 14 inches 35–40 cm, while its tail size is 8 to 10 inches 23–25 cm. The green-cheeked conure is a very friendly bird. It likes interacting with people, and enjoys having its head scratched. It is a good talker, and loves singing.

Peach-Fronted Conure

Green-cheeked Conures are native to South America, and Peach-fronted Conures are native only to Central America. Both are members of the family Psittacidae parrots. Their diets consist mainly of fruits, seeds, nectar, and insects. Parrots are omnivorous, meaning they can eat both plants and animals.


Lovebirds are monogamous, and therefore do not form bonds with other individuals. However, lovebirds are social birds, and they will interact with each other. They will usually greet each other when they see each other. They are known to make sounds such as cooing, trilling, and purring. They also use these sounds to communicate with one another. They will sometimes call out to each other if they are separated from each other.

Mini Macaws

mini macaws are monogamous.They are highly intelligent, and learn quickly. They can be trained easily. They are also very friendly, and will readily accept visitors. They are great pets for children. They are also popular as exotic pets.

Meyer’s Parrot

Mini Macaw is a subspecies of the Blue-and-yellow macaw Ara ararauna. It is smaller than other macaws, weighing only about 2 pounds.The blue coloration on its head extends onto its neck and back. Its tail feathers are yellowish-green. The male has a red patch on his forehead. The female has a greenish-blue breast band.


Parakeets are one of the smallest parrots in the world. They weigh less than 1 pound 0.5 kg and stand no taller than 12 inches 30 cm. Their body length ranges from 10 to 14 inches 25–35 cm, depending on the species. Their wingspan ranges from 18 to 24 inches 45–60 cm. They have a short tail and rounded head. Their bill is relatively large compared to their size.

Bourke’s Parakeet

The Bourke’s parakeet is a medium sized parrot weighing between 1.4 and 2.0 pounds 0.6–0.9 kilograms. It has a black head and neck, white underparts, grey upper parts, and a red eye ring. Its feet are yellowish orange. The male is slightly larger than the female. The Bourke’s Parakeet is native to Australia.

Barred Parakeet

The Barred Parakeet is a medium-sized parrot weighing between 1 and 2 pounds 0.5–1 kg. It has a green head and neck, blue underparts, and a red eye stripe. Its feet are pink. The Barred Parakeets are found throughout South America. Blue-fronted Amazon Answer: Blue-fronted Amazons are large parrots with a blue face, a brown body, and a red tail.

Red-Bellied Parrot

Red-bellied Parrots are large parrots with red bellies and black wings. They have a yellowish bill and a white forehead. Their eyes are orange. They are native to Australia. Green-Winged Macaw Answer: Green-winged Macaws are large parrots with green wings and a yellowish bill.

Senegal Parrot

The Senegal Parrot has a bright blue head and neck, a white belly, and a grey back. It has a yellowish bill and an orange eye ring. Its tail feathers are green.It is native to Africa. Blue And Gold Macaw Answer: Blue and gold macaws are large parrots that have a blue head and neck, and a golden chest.

How To Keep Parrots Quiet

Parrots are known for being noisy animals. However, if you keep them in a quiet environment, they will learn how to stay quiet. You can do this by keeping them in a room where there is no noise coming from other rooms. Also, make sure that the room is clean and free of any dust.Make sure that the room is warm enough. Keep the temperature between 70°F and 80°F.

Mental Stimulation

Parrots need mental stimulation. It helps them to develop their brains. They need to play games and puzzles. The best way to stimulate their minds is through toys. These include things such as puzzle feeders, perches, and toys. Playtime

Gentle Mist Bath

Parrots need mental stimulation too! You can use these techniques to keep your parrot happy and healthy.

Regular Feeding Times

Feeding times vary from bird to bird, but generally speaking, they feed twice a day. The first feeding is usually between 8am – 10am, and the second feeding is usually between 4pm – 6pm. Some birds prefer to have a third meal during the night. It depends on how active your parrot is, and what kind of diet he/she eats. A parrot who has been fed regularly throughout the day will be less likely to overeat. Parrots who have been fed irregularly may overeat when given access to food.

Clicker Training

You can train your parrot to use a clicker. A clicker is a device that emits a high pitched noise when pressed. When used correctly, this can be an effective way to teach your parrot new behaviors. It works because the sound is associated with something good.For example, if you click while holding a piece of food, your parrot will associate the sound of the clicker with getting food.

Why Do Parrots Make Sounds?

Parrots make sounds for many reasons. Some parrots make noises to communicate with other members of their flock. Others make noises to warn others about danger. And still others make noises to express happiness or excitement. The sounds that parrots make vary greatly depending on what they are doing. There are three main types of sounds that parrots make.


Parrots use different calls to communicate with each other. These calls include whistles, trills, squawks, coos, and screams. Each type of call has its own purpose. Whistling is used when parrots are communicating with one another. It is usually done in groups.Trilling is used when two parrots are courting.

Find A Mate

Parrots use various types of sounds to find mates. The main ones are whistles, trills and screams.A parrot will whistle if he wants to attract a female. He will trill if he wants to court her. And he will scream if he wants to scare off any rivals.

Show Emotions

Parrots explain emotions through their eyes, facial expressions, posture, and body language. You can tell when your parrot is happy, sad, angry, scared, or confused just from reading him. Some parrots are naturally more expressive than others. But all parrots have the ability to express themselves. It’s important to understand how to read your parrot’s body language. To do this, you’ll need to observe your bird closely.

What is the quietest talking bird?

The smallest parrot is the budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus. It weighs only about 1.5 pounds 0.7 kilograms and has a wingspan of just over 2 inches 50 millimeters. Budgies are native to Australia and New Guinea, and are found throughout the world. In addition to being one of the smallest parrots, budgies are also one of the quietest. Their calls are soft, high pitched whistles, and they rarely make any other sounds.

Which is the quietest parrot?

The largest bird on earth is the ostrich. It has been estimated that an adult male ostrich weighs between 2,000 – 3,000 pounds 907 -1,363 kg. Ostrich eggs weigh about 1 pound 0.45 kg each. An average sized chicken egg weighs about 0.5 lb 227 gm, while a duck egg weighs about 0.4 lb 181 gm. A goose egg weighs about 0.3 lb 137 gm.

What large birds are quiet?

The answer depends on what kind of parrot you are talking about. Some parrots are quieter than others, but all parrots are quite noisy when compared to other types of birds. Parrots make noise because they use their voices to communicate. Their vocalizations range from low growls to high screeches. There are many different kinds of parrots, each with its own unique voice. For example, macaws have a much higher pitched call than do African grey parrots.

What is the quietest large bird?

The answer depends on what kind of bird you’re asking about. Some parrots are much louder than others. For example, macaws are known to make a lot of noise, while other parrots such as budgies and lovebirds tend to be quieter. However, if we’re talking about parrots who talk, then the answer is “none!” Parrots don’t talk because they don’t have vocal cords. Instead, they use their beaks to communicate.

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