Types of Parrots – A Helpful Guide With Photos

Parrots are fascinating creatures.
They are intelligent, social animals who love to interact with humans.
There are over 100 species of parrot around the globe.
Some of them are native to Australia, while others live in tropical regions such as South America or Africa.
There are four main types of parrots: macaws, cockatoos, conures, and lorikeets.
These birds are very similar in appearance, but each has its own unique characteristics.
Each type of parrot has its own personality traits and preferences.
Here are some helpful facts about these amazing birds

African Greys

The African Grey is one of the most popular parrots to own. It has a beautiful plumage, and is very intelligent. It is a great companion bird because it is easy to train, and is very affectionate. It is also very social, and enjoys being part of a family. A lot of people who own an African grey love to teach it tricks, such as saying “hello”, or “goodbye”. These are great ways to keep your pet happy and entertained. African greys are known to be very smart, and can learn many things quickly.


Amazon parrots are one of the most common parrot breeds. They are very friendly, and make good pets. They are also very intelligent, and can learn new tricks easily. Their feathers are bright green, and they have a blue eye ring. They are very sociable, and enjoy being part of a family unit. They are also quite vocal, and can talk back to you if you try to correct them.


Caique parrots are an African parrot breed. They are very social, and love to be part of a family unit or flock. They are also extremely intelligent, and can learn many different skills quickly. They are also known for their beautiful plumage, which is mostly white, with black and yellow accents. They have a large head, and a short tail. They are very vocal, and can speak several languages.


Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet bird breeds in the world.They are also one of the smallest parrot species, weighing only about 1 pound 0.5 kg. They are native to Australia, and are now found all over the world. The name “cockatoo” comes from the Dutch word kokkotuwijn, meaning “coconut wine”. In English, they are called “cockatoos”. Their scientific name is Psittacula krameri.


Eclectus parrots are among the most intelligent parrots. They are also known as the “talking parrot” because of their ability to speak human languages. They are also very social animals, and love to interact with people. They are very friendly and affectionate, and make great pets for children. They are also easy to train, and learn quickly. They are also quite vocal, making them excellent conversationalists.

Hawk Headed Parrots

Eclectus parrots were originally from South America, where they are still found today. The name comes from the Latin word “eclecticus” meaning “selective” or “choosing”. These parrots are highly intelligent, and are capable of learning many different skills. They are also extremely sociable, and love interacting with humans. They are also good talkers, and are very vocal. They are also one of the few parrots that can understand human speech.

Large Cockatoos

Large Cockatoos are native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. They are large parrots, and are known for their bright colors and beautiful plumage. They are also very social animals, and are great companions for people who love to travel. They are also excellent mimics, and can learn to imitate sounds that they hear, including bird calls. They are also quite intelligent, and can learn to speak English. They are also great escape artists, and can easily fly away if they feel threatened.

Large Conures

The largest conure is the Red-Bellied Conure. It has been recorded as being over 2 feet tall, and weighing nearly 10 pounds. It is one of the larger species of conures, and is found throughout South America. Red-bellied Conures are usually seen in pairs, and are very friendly towards humans. They are considered to be among the best pet birds for beginners because they are easy to care for, and are relatively quiet. They are also good fliers, and can easily fly from tree to tree.

Large Parakeets

Parakeets are smaller versions of macaws. They are native to Central and South America, and are known for their bright colors and beautiful plumage.Parakeets are generally docile and friendly, and make excellent pets. They are also intelligent, and learn quickly. They are also great mimics, and can imitate many different sounds including human speech. Parakeets love to play, and are very social animals.

Lories and Lorikeets

Lories and Lorikeets are closely related to each other. Both are members of the Psittacidae family, and are found in Australia and New Guinea. The lory is slightly larger than the Lorikeet, and has a longer tail. Their coloration is similar, but the Lorikeet has a brighter yellow on its head and neck. They are also much quieter and less vocal than Lorikeets. Lorikeets are usually seen in pairs, while lories tend to form groups of 3 or 4.


Lovebirds are quite different from other parrots. They are not considered true parrots because they do not have feathers on their wings. Instead, they have soft, feathered skin between their wing bones and body. They are also known as lovebirds because they are very social animals. They are monogamous, and pair bonds last for many years. They are very affectionate, and love to be held and cuddled.


Macaws are one of the largest parrots. They have large, colorful plumage, and are highly intelligent. They are found throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Their diets include fruits, seeds, nectar, and insects. They are also omnivorous, meaning that they can eat both plants and animal foods. They are usually kept as pets, although they can be trained to perform tricks.


mini macaws are smaller versions of macaws. They are about half the size of a normal macaw. They are still quite big, though, weighing between 3 and 5 pounds. They are mostly kept as pets, although sometimes they are used in aviculture bird breeding.

New Zealand Parrot

Mini Macaws are usually kept as pets, although occasionally they are bred for sale. The mini macaw is one of the smallest parrots available. It has a short tail, and its head is large compared to its body. Its feathers are bright green, and its eyes are yellow. It has a black bill, and a red tongue. It is native to New Zealand.


Parrotlets are the smallest parrots. They are about half the size of a budgie, and weigh less than a pound. Their plumage is mostly white, with a few brown spots on their wings and tails. They have a blue eye ring, and a red tongue, and a black bill. They are native to South America.

Pionus Parrots

Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrots. They are only about half the size of budgies, weighing between 1/2 – 3 pounds. They are native from South America. Their name comes from the Latin word pionus meaning “small bird”. The parrotlet has a short tail, and a long slender body. It has a large head, and a long neck. Its eyes are bright yellow, and its beak is black. Its feet are webbed, and its legs are long and thin. Parrotlets are very active, and love to play.


Poicephalus parrots are found in tropical forests throughout Central and South America. Their scientific name comes from the Greek words pois meaning ‘bud’ and ephalein meaning ‘to turn’. These parrots are called budgerigars because they resemble the Australian budgerigar. They are also known as ‘pionus’ parrots because they look similar to the smaller parakeet. Budgerigars are considered to be the smallest parrot. They weigh approximately 2 lbs., and are about 10 inches tall.

Small Cockatoos

The small cockatoo is one of the smallest parrots. It weighs less than 1 lb., and is only about 6 inches tall. They are native to Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. In the wild, these parrots live in trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. They feed on fruits, nectar, and insects. Parakeets

Small Conures

These parakeets are native to South America, Central America, and Mexico. They weigh between 2 oz. and 4 oz. They are about 11 inches tall. They have a wingspan of 20 inches. Their coloration varies from gray to blue to green.

Small Parakeets

The Small Conure is one of the smallest parakeets. It has a short tail and a long neck. Its head is large and its eyes are round. It has a red crest on top of its head. It has a yellow bill.It has a blackish back and white underparts.

How many types of parrots are there?

There are over 1,000 different species of parrots.Some of these include the Cockatoo, Macaw, Amazonian Parrot, Eclectus, Amazona, and the African Grey.

What is the most common type of parrot?

The most common type of parrots are macaws. Macaws are native to South America. They are large, colorful parrots that can grow to about 2 feet tall. They are known for their beautiful plumage and their ability to imitate human speech. They are intelligent animals who love attention from people.

How do I identify a type of parrot?

Parrots are all different! There are many different types of parrots. Some are much larger than others, some are smaller, some are brighter colored, some are darker colored. It really depends on what kind of parrot you are looking for.You might find a parrot that looks similar to another one, but has a unique personality. For example, if you are looking for an African Grey Parrot, you will probably see a lot of similarities between these two parrots.

Do different types of parrots have ranging caring requirements?

Yes, they do. The size of the parrot will determine how much space you need to keep them in. Smaller parrots can be kept in cages that are no bigger than 3 feet wide by 5 feet high. Larger parrots will require cages that are at least 4 feet wide by 6 feet high. Of course, this is only a general guideline, because each parrot needs to be evaluated individually.

What parrot makes the best family pet?

The most popular parrot is the African Grey Parrot. It is one of the most intelligent parrots on the planet. African Greys are known for being extremely friendly, sociable, and loving. They love attention, and thrive when given lots of interaction. They also make great pets because they are easy to train. They are also very smart and learn quickly.

What are the main types of parrots?

Parrots are great pets because they are intelligent, social animals who love attention. However, they do require a lot of care and training. The first thing you should consider when choosing a parrot is how much space you have available. A large cage is essential if you plan on keeping a parrot as a permanent member of your household. You will need to provide a safe environment where your parrot can exercise its wings and feet, and explore its surroundings. It needs to be able to climb and perch safely.

What is the best parrot to have as a family pet?

Parrots are divided into two groups: Old World and New World. Old World parrots include macaws, cockatoos, lorikeets, lovebirds, and African grey parrots. New World parrots include Amazon parrots, conures, and amazon parrots.

What is the most popular parrot?

Parrots make great pets because they are intelligent, social, and fun to care for. They are also easy to train and teach tricks. However, they do require a lot of attention and training. It is important to keep this in mind when choosing a parrot for your family. You don’t want to buy a bird that requires too much work from you. A good rule of thumb is to choose a parrot that has similar interests to yours. For example, if you love music, then look for a parrot that enjoys playing instruments.

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