Parrot Beak Color Change – Why it Happens And What It Means!?

Have you ever seen a parrot change color? Parrots can change their colors from green to blue or red depending on their mood. Some birds even change color during mating season. This phenomenon has fascinated scientists for years. Now, researchers at the University of California, San Diego have discovered why some parrots get colorful feathers.The…

How To Look After Macaw Parrots – A Complete Guide!?

Are macaws really intelligent birds? They certainly seem smart enough to me. I love reading them interact with each other and play around.Macaws are large parrot species native to South America. They are known for their bright colors and loud calls. These birds are often kept as pets because they are very friendly and social.xnk_Kj0ZmIo…

Types of Parrots – A Helpful Guide With Photos

Parrots are fascinating creatures. They are intelligent, social animals who love to interact with humans. There are over 100 species of parrot around the globe. Some of them are native to Australia, while others live in tropical regions such as South America or Africa.There are four main types of parrots: macaws, cockatoos, conures, and lorikeets….

25 Types of Cockatoos – A Comprehensive List With Photos

Cockatoo birds are known for their unique appearance and vocalizations. They are also very intelligent and social animals. There are over 50 species of cockatoos around the world. Learn about these fascinating creatures in this article.Cockatoos are parrots found throughout Australia and New Guinea. The name comes from the Spanish word cókaduco meaning “cock’s head”….

Best Hand Feeding Formula For Parrots 2022 – Buyers Guide & Comparison

Are you looking for the best hand feeding formula for parrots? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll give you a complete overview of the top five hand feeding formulas for parrots.Hand feeding is a very important part of caring for your parrot. This is because they are highly…