How Much Does a Parrot Weigh in Pounds?

Parrots are known for their intelligence, but they also have some interesting quirks.
How much does a parrot weigh?
The average adult male parrot weighs between 2.
5 and 3 pounds 1.
13 – 1.
36 kg, while females tend to weigh slightly less at around 2.
2 pounds 0.
98 kg.
There are several ways to determine the weight of a parrot.
One way is to measure its body length from head to tail.
Another method involves weighing the bird using a scale

Parrot Weight Chart

The weight of parrots varies greatly depending on the size of the bird. A large parrot such as an African Grey weighs about 3 pounds 1.4 kilograms. Smaller parrots weigh less than 1 pound 0.5 kilogram each. Some parrots weigh less than half a pound 0.2 kilogram, while others weigh over 2 pounds 0.9 kilogram.

African Greys

Parrots vary in size from tiny budgies to huge macaws. Most parrots are medium sized, weighing between 1 and 4 pounds 0.5 – 2 kg. There are many different types of parrots, including macaws, cockatoos, conures, lories, lovebirds, and budgies. Macaws are the largest parrots, weighing between 5 and 10 pounds 2.3 – 4.5 kg Conures are smaller parrots, weighing between 1 and 3 pounds 0.5 and 1.4 kg. Lories are smaller still, weighing between 1 and 2 pounds 0.5 to 1 kg.


Parakeets are one of the smallest parrots. They weigh about 1 pound 0.45 kg and measure about 12 inches 30 cm. The average lifespan of a parakeet is 15 years.


Lorries are large parrots that can reach up to 40 pounds 18 kilograms and over 20 inches 50 centimeters.They are native to South America and Central America. In the wild, they feed on fruits, berries, nectar, and insects. They are mostly found in tropical forests, but they can also be seen in temperate regions. Lorries are sometimes called “lorikeets” because they resemble lories.


Caiques are medium sized parrots that weigh between 10 and 15 pounds 4.5 and 6.8 kg and grow up to about 24 inches 60 cm. They are native to Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. They are mainly found in humid forest areas. Their diet consists of fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers, and invertebrates. They are social animals and usually live in pairs or groups of 3 to 5 individuals. They are known to form strong bonds with other members of their flock.


Lovebirds are one of the smallest parrots. They are only about 2 ½ inches 6cm tall and weigh less than 1 pound 0.45kg. They have a short tail and a large head with a crest on top. They are mostly greenish blue with black stripes and spots. The male lovebird has a red crown patch while the female has a white one. They are monogamous and pair for life.


Cockatoos are medium sized parrots. They usually measure between 4 and 5 inches 10cm to 15cm tall. They have a long tail and a big head with a crest on the top. Their body color varies from yellow to orange to red. They are mostly found in Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. They are monogamists and pair for life.


Macaws are large parrots. They are usually about 6 inches 20cm to 25cm tall. They are the largest parrots in the world. They have a big head with a crested crown. Their body color ranges from white to blue to green. They are mostly native to South America.

Other Parrot Species

Parrots are one of the most popular pet bird species. There are over 300 different species of parrots. Some of these include macaws, conures, lovebirds, cockatoos, toucans, and many others. The best way to tell if a parrot is a macaw is by its size. Macaws are larger than other parrots. They can weigh anywhere between 5 pounds 2kg and 40 pounds 18kg.

What’s The World’s Lightest Parrot?

The world’s smallest parrot weighs just 0.6 ounces 17 grams and measures only 3 inches tall. It belongs to the Psittacidae family, which includes all parrots. Its scientific name is Micropsitta pusilla. It was discovered in 2010 in the Philippines. It lives on the island of Mindanao. It has been nicknamed “the flying squirrel” because of its resemblance to a squirrel.

What’s The World’s Heaviest Parrot?

The heaviest parrot in the world is the Amazonian Conure weighing about 6 pounds 2.7 kg and measuring about 5 feet tall. It belongs the Aratinga subfamily. It was found in Brazil. It eats fruits, nectar, and other plant material. It is considered an omnivore. It is one of the largest parrots in the world.

How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Weigh?

An African grey weighs between 1 pound 3 ounces 0.5kg and 1 pound 7 ounces 0.6kg. African greys are known for being intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. They are also highly social animals. They are great talkers. They love attention from people. They are very vocal.

How Much Does A Quaker Parrot Weigh?

Quakers weigh about 2 pounds. The Quaker parrot is an excellent pet bird. It is one of the best kept pets because it is easy to care for. It is also very active and playful. It loves to play games and learn new tricks. It is also a good companion animal.

How Much Does An Alexandrine Parrot Weigh?

Alexandrine parrots weigh between 3 and 4 pounds. They are a great choice for people who love to travel. They make wonderful traveling companions. They are also very intelligent and loving. They are also quite social animals. They tend to form strong bonds with other individuals.

How Much Does A Senegal Parrot Weight?

Senegalese parrots weigh between 2 and 5 pounds. They are an excellent choice for families looking for a pet bird. They are also extremely friendly and sociable. They are also highly intelligent and affectionate. They are also known to be very vocal. How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Weigh? Answer: African grey parrots weigh between 1 and 6 pounds.

How Much Does An Eclectus Parrot Weight?

Eclectus parrots weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. How Much Is A Cockatiel Weighed? Answer: Cockatiels weigh between 4 and 8 pounds. How Much Are Blue And Gold Macaws Weighed? Blue macaws weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Gold macaws weigh between 12 and 18 pounds.

How Much Does A Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Weight?

Hyacinth macaws weigh between 6 and 9 pounds. How Much Do African Grey Parrots Weight? African grey parrots weigh between 5 and 8 pounds.

How Much Does A Scarlet Macaw Parrot Weigh?

Scarlet macaws weigh between 7 and 10 pounds.

How much does a bird weight?

The weight of an adult male Red Lored Amazons varies from 4 pounds to 6 pounds. Females weigh less.

How much does an Amazon parrot weight?

Amazon parrots weigh about 3 pounds 1.4 kg on average. The largest ones can reach 5 pounds 2.3 kg.

How much do Amazon parrots weigh?

Amazon parrots weigh between 2.5 and 3 pounds on average. The largest one ever recorded was 5.2 pounds.

How much does a red lored Amazon parrot weigh?

A bird’s weight depends on its age, sex, breed, size, and health. The average weight of a young adult male budgerigar is about 1 pound 0.45 kg. An adult female weighs about 0.5 pounds 0.23 kg on average. The average weight for an adult male cockatiel is about 2 pounds 0.91 kg, while the average weight for an adult female is about 1.2 pounds 0.54 kg.

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