Best Avian Vet In Nashville

Are you looking for a good avian vet in Nashville?
If yes, then you should check out Dr.
David Burdette at The Bird Hospital.
He has over 30 years of experience treating birds of prey.
He also offers bird rehabilitation services, bird boarding, and bird training.
Burdette graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982.
He completed his residency in veterinary medicine at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986.
He is board certified in avian medicine and surgery.
xJg6_Zh2Mn0 He has worked with raptors since he was a young boy.
His passion for wildlife led him to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.
He now treats injured and sick wild animals

Avian and Exotics Center of Nashville

We are an avian vet center located in Nashville TN. We offer bird care services including vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition counseling, and general health care. We also provide boarding and grooming services. Our facility has two indoor heated rooms where we house our patients during cold weather months. We also have a large outdoor area where we keep our patients during warmer weather months. We have a full service lab on site where we perform blood work, fecal analysis, urinalysis, and other diagnostic tests. We also have a full pharmacy on site where we dispense medications. We do all types of surgeries including spay/neuter, deworming, and medical treatment. We also offer a variety of preventative treatments such as heart worm prevention, ectoparasite control, and nutritional counseling. We also offer a wide range of bird related products including toys, feeders, cages, and accessories. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. We are closed on weekends and holidays. Please call us today to schedule an appointment!

Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital

Parakeets are very social animals and love to interact with people. They are very intelligent and learn quickly. They are great pets if you are willing to spend the time training them. They are very affectionate and make wonderful companions.

Berry Hill Animal Hospital

The best way to keep a parakeet happy is to provide plenty of toys and perches. You can use wood sticks, plastic tubes, paper rolls, or anything else that is safe for your bird. Make sure that the toys are safe for your parakeet to chew on. It is important to clean any toys regularly. If you do not clean your toys regularly, you will find that your parakeet has chewed through them. Your parakeet needs to be able to exercise its mouth muscles, so make sure that you provide enough toys for your bird to play with.

Value Vet Gallatin

Parrots are intelligent animals who learn quickly. They love to imitate sounds and actions of people. They are great mimics, and will copy everything from your voice to your facial expressions. They can also learn how to speak human languages. In addition, they can understand what you say to them and respond appropriately.

Mobley Veterinary Clinic

Parrots are intelligent animals. They love to mimic sounds and actions of people, and they can learn how to speak human language. They can also understand what you say to him and respond accordingly.

How much does it cost to take a budgie to vet?

A veterinarian is an animal doctor who specializes in treating animals. Avian vets work closely with bird breeders and pet stores to ensure that birds receive proper care and nutrition. They also provide advice on how to keep birds healthy and happy.

Are animal hospitals expensive?

Animal hospitals are expensive because they provide care for sick animals. The cost depends on how much treatment an animal needs. It is usually cheaper to keep an animal healthy rather than treating it when it is ill.

Are dog hospitals expensive?

A vet visit costs about $100-$150. You can find cheaper alternatives if you look online.

How much does an avian vet visit cost?

It depends on what kind of problem you have. In general, if you have an emergency, then going to the vet is probably the best idea. However, if you don’t have any problems, then it might be better to wait until you do have a problem before taking your bird to the vet. The reason being that vets charge a lot of money for just looking after your pet. You could end up paying hundreds of pounds for something that isn’t really necessary.

Is it cheaper to go to a vet or animal hospital?

The price varies depending on the type of bird, how many visits per year, and what services are needed. For example, if you only need to check your bird once a year, then it would be cheaper to do this yourself. However, if you need regular veterinary care, such as vaccinations, parasite control, and other treatments, then it would be best to see a veterinarian.

How much is a vet visit for a parakeet?

Dog hospitals are usually expensive because they are staffed with highly trained professionals who know how to handle dogs. However, if you do not have the money to pay for this service, then you can still find an alternative solution. You can visit a local vet clinic and ask them about boarding your pet. Most vets offer this service, and it is usually cheaper than going to a hospital.

Are Animal hospitals expensive?

Yes, they are. However, if you do not have any other choice, then yes, an animal hospital is the only way to go. You cannot just leave your pet at home alone when he/she needs medical attention. It could cost hundreds of dollars to save your pet from death.

What does a avian vet do?

Budgies are generally quite healthy, and do not require regular veterinary care. However, if you think your budgie has an illness, then you should consult your veterinarian. You can find a list of vets on our website.

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