About Pampered Birds

We Sell Happy and Healthy Birds

Pampered Birds has been serving it's loyal customers for 20 years. Simply put, We Sell Happy and Healthy Birds! Pampered Birds believes in personalized service so please feel free to call us or come by with any bird questions or bird needs.

We also pride ourself on our professional, friendly staff to help our customers. We carry a full line of food and treats including our own "RAINBOW" mix that will satisfy all the custom needs of your birds. We have a full cage and perch room that will house any bird from your finch to your macaw. Our toy selection will make your birds smile, while our prices won't leave you crying. Hope to see you soon!

"I would also like to remind everybody that if you're looking for birds, especially large Cockatoos, there are many sweet, kind and lovable Cockatoos in your local bird rescue facilities that would desperately like to come home with you. We at Pampered Birds will help you furnish your home and help you to cater to your birds needs."

Lourdes Rivas (owner)